An interactive agency for a new era of

people-technology-brand interaction


AREA 17 is an interactive agency.

We take an interdisciplinary approach — blending the practices of design, technology and branding — to create modern interactive systems.

We care about the web and its future. It has become a large part of our lives – entering our offices, living rooms and even our pockets. It is changing the way our world operates.

We believe the web should be an extension of our daily lives, not a distraction from it.

To this end, our mission is to make the web a better place — for work and for life — by delivering solutions that are equally valuable, sustainable and enriching.

AREA 17 is located in New York City and Paris, France. We are independently owned and creatively motivated.

— Our background
AREA 17 also refers to the optical cortex of the brain where visual data is received, patterns are recognized and images are formulated. This is not a coincidence.
New_york_original Paris_original

Across both offices we are a team of 46. We operate as a single unit with many moving parts. An octopus so to speak, but with 92 arms.

We are intercultural because that is how it is. We are interdisciplinary because that is how we like it.

We speak French and English — some of us more some less (some, quite a bit less) — as well as German, Spanish, Dutch and a bit of Arabic too.

— Our people