Over the years we've created many fancy-pants website features for our clients and we came to thinking...

why can't we indulge ourselves in some too?

My selection

Create a selection

How to add to your selectionTo create a selection of work, click ‘Add to my selection’ on a project page.

Retreive a selection

To retrieve, click on ‘My selection’ in the top-right corner or do what we do and use automatic retrieval: www.area17.com/name@example.com

How to retreive a selection using the URL

Internal use

This feature is primarily for internal use, but for whatever reason, we decided to open it up publicly. As an agency, we are always sending out project reference emails to potential new clients. These emails consist of a bunch of URL’s in a big long list.

Now, all we do is go to our website, use the project filters to find relevant projects and create a selection for a client (with their email address). Then we simply forward them the URL with a kind message. By clicking on the URL, they are instantly logged in and looking at the projects we gathered for them. They in turn can remove projects and add others. It’s like a two-way Tango, sans rose-in-mouth.

Security and privacy

You may ask, “why isn’t there a password?”. And our answer is simple: it’s a selection of our projects for Pete’s sake.

Project Filters

More themesDid you notice the ‘more criteria’ filters on our Work page? Or the ‘related projects’ on our Disciplines page? Did you wonder who needs to search our projects by services like ‘idea generation’ or ‘wireframes’?

Yes, it’s a bit odd, we admit, however, we use our website as an indexing system for all the projects we have done — the live ones you see and the hidden ones only we see (it’s magic). So when we want to look back to 2003 to see what we did on XYZ-project, we can … and now, so can you.

Keyboard Shortcuts


As an alternative to clicking next, previous and top-of-page on our website, you now have the tiny pleasure of using your keyboard arrows.