Interdisciplinary vs. Multidisciplinary

New York City — January 25, 2013

A Panel Discussion on the Adapting Relationship Between Marketing, Design and Technology

How many folks does it take to make a website?

Marketer, designer, technologist. Which hat do you wear? If you’re building mobile apps and web products these days, you’re probably sporting all three in some capacity. The lines between these disciplines are blurring and rightfully so.

As the old adage goes, “actions speak louder than words” and in an (inter)active space, it is actions, not words that build brands. It is the sum of all interactions that define today’s brands, making the Internet the purest form of branding.

By looking at the work we do in these terms, there is little difference between the role of marketer and technologist, except of course the tools we use. And it is the role of design to create the bridge between the two — putting an (inter)face to a set of actions—or rather, behaviors—outlined by the marketer and brought to life by the technologist.

About the Event

AREA 17 will host a panel discussion to explore the combining fields of study—blending the practices of marketing, design and technology into a newly-formed, yet unnamed discipline. We will discuss the ongoing evolution of each individual discipline with the focus of finding common ground.

The discussion will start with short presentations from each panelist, followed by a moderated discussion. All attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions and share their own perspective and experiences.

Beer and wine will be provided to grease the wheels of the conversation!


  • Robin Chase, Founder, Zipcar
  • Jon Lander, Creative Director, Domani Studios
  • Jessica Allen, UX Design Lead, Engine Yard
  • Josh Teixeira, VP of Product Strategy, Big Spaceship
  • Andrew Bell, Technology Research Fellow, The Barbarian Group
  • Phil Jeffs, Creative Technologist, AREA 17

The discussion will be moderated by George Eid, founder and partner of AREA 17.

Presented in partnership with Engine Yard and The Webby Awards

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Interdisciplinary vs. Multidisciplinary
The Adapting Relationship Between Marketing, Design and Technology

Wednesday, February 6th at 7-10pm

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